Every second more a child remains without their families is more trauma, stressed The Arc, an organization that advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“We are still in the midst of a civil and human rights crisis,” stressed Peter Berns, CEO  of the group, in a statement Sunday. “Children who have already been separated from their parents should be reunited as soon as possible. This is an urgent situation for all children involved and in many cases irrevocable damage has already been done. For children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who rely on their loved ones for care, security, and support, particularly for their unique needs, it is of paramount importance they are reunited with their families.”

Rep. Lee, for her part, told reporters Saturday, “These children are traumatized,” and called the zero-tolerance “barbaric.” She added in a tweet: “This is a violation of human rights.”

She also spoke to CNN on Sunday about the detention centers and described what she says is a “heart-wrenching” situation:

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