“Hi all, I did my first triathlons last year and had a wetsuit that i rented for the season, but i found that it was really quite restrictive across my chest (i am asthmatic, but i was fine out of the wet suit). I was wondering whether anyone could recommend a wetsuit (or have any advice) that would help remove this issue?” Christopher Watson

“Just wondered if anyone had looked at possible links between calf muscle pain, specifically the soleus muscle, and the position of shoe cleats? I seem to be plaqued by soleus injuries and though I have religiously followed physios excercise plan to eliminate this it keeps happening. Any advice would be appreciated as I have signed up for the Outlaw in July and can’t afford to keep having this issue.” Mambooty

“Hi, I have a BT HRM for sale. Worn 3 times. I used it with my IPhone for Strava cycling and running app however I have just purchased a new Garmin with HRM and I have no need for this anymore. £15 + p&p. Description and specs in link below. Thanks for looking. http://www.decathlon.co.uk/cardio-bluetooth-smart-40-id_8288269.html.” Lev1710

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“Hi All, I am currently a masters student studying in London, due to finish in September. Ever since my first triathlon last year I have been hooked and now aim to train all three disciplines over about 10+ sessions in the week along side studies. But I am getting tired of the UK weather. I am thinking about moving abroad to live and train. First triathlon was a 2hour 30mins time, which is not bad considering my fitness levels then which were non existent. I am now predicting a time far closer to 2 hours for Olympic distance on a training schedule which is frankly a bit of a mess, but I am thinking how good could I be if I just trained solidly and did not have to think about everything else….

As a result I am thinking of finishing my studies and then moving abroad to train through the winter and smashing next season. What do people think? I would love to hear of some location suggestions, some ways to finance this period of my life that won’t take up all my time, and anything else anyone has to say? Many thanks in advance.” Futurebound


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