Launched today (1st June 2020), the Extreme Triathlon Series (XTS) consists of five truly tough events in Europe and South Africa, including the Austria Extreme, the Czech Republic’s Winterman, Stonebrixiaman in Italy, Pirene in the Spanish Pyrenees (pictured), and South Africa’s Knysna Extreme.

“Each event is unique in itself, with varying terrain, scenery, distances, challenges and characteristics but with one common feature across them all – they are all focused on the athletes’ experience, with a family atmosphere,” say the XTS organisers.

When an athlete completes all five races within the three-year period, they’ll become an XTS athlete. Athletes who complete the challenge will also get an XTS shirt, bag and a free ticket to one of the participating Extreme triathlons in the series. Their name will also be listed on the Extreme Triathlon Series Wall of Fame.

The series joins the Xtri World Tour (Norseman, Celtman and more) on the extreme iron calendar, with the XTS organisers saying they’re open for more events to become part of their series.

The current races and next dates are below, with the total elevation gain of the bike and run legs listed.

Winterman (Czech Republic, 11 October 2020) – 3.8KM Swim | 180KM Cycle | 43KM Run – 4,700m gain
Knysna Extreme (South Africa, 21 November 2020) – 5KM Swim | 174KM Cycle | 50KM Run – 3,800m gain
Pirene (Spain, 26 May 2021) – 3.8KM Swim | 177KM Cycle | 40KM Run – 6,500m gain
Austria Extreme (Austria, 26 June 2021) – 3.8KM Swim | 186KM Cycle | 44KM Run – 5,800m total elevation gain
Stonebrixiaman (Italy, 3 July 2021) – 3.8KM Swim | 180KM Cycle | 42KM Run – 7,050m gain

For more information, head to the XTS’ website and social media pages.

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