So what is all this?

Even if not all formally labelled as such, the actions this week paint a picture of a mid-summer campaign organized by the climate group called “Summer Heat.” Designed as a series of direct actions against the fossil fuel industry, the campaign is the manifestation of an escalation in tactics by the global climate movement that says it is taking its efforts to combat global warming and educate the public about the dangers of climate change to the next level.

Focusing on the impacts of the fossil fuel industry on local “frontline” communities, the activists hope they can show that though the climate emergency is global in scale, every person—no matter where they live—has a role to play in challenging the energy paradigm that is threatening the world’s vital ecosystems.

“We’ve reached a point where every local fight over dirty energy is also a fight for the planet’s survival,” explained co-founder Bill McKibben, who said that the SummerHeat campaign shows how frontline groups like the ones in Michigan, Washington, and Essex are “battling for people around the world.”

The campaign, which has been ongoing throughout July, is culminating in a series of actions over this weekend nationwide:

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