The Salt Lake Tribune noted that the law’s “impact would not be widespread. Just 17 women aborted a pregnancy after 20 weeks in 2014, the most recent year for which numbers were available.”

But Karrie Galloway, executive director of Planned Parenthood of Utah, told the Tribune that the measure is an example of the governor and Bramble inserting their judgment in the place of a woman’s physician.

“You’re talking to a woman who is being told that Curt Bramble, a CPA, is better at practicing medicine than the physician I have chosen,” Galloway said. “That’s what’s infuriating.”

The Tribune added:

When the bill went before the state Senate earlier this month, the Deseret News reported that “Bramble said premature children are surviving today at 20 weeks. He called abortion ‘barbaric,’ ‘horrendous,’ and a ‘death sentence’ for the unborn child and that he would reverse the [Supreme Court’s] 1973 [Roe v. Wade] decision if he could.”

Meanwhile, a new study from researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, published in the journal Perspectives of Sexual and Reproductive Health, shows Utah’s law mandating at least a 72-hour waiting period between a woman’s consultation visit and her abortion procedure increases financial, logistical, and emotional hardship on a woman seeking to end her pregnancy.

“As a leading health care provider to more than 46,000 people throughout Utah, these findings are deeply concerning,” Galloway said in response to the study, “but unfortunately they aren’t surprising. We see what this law puts our patients through every single day—and we know this law was never really about empowering a woman in Utah with the information she needs to make her own decision about her pregnancy, it has always been about making a safe and legal abortion more difficult to get.”

A separate report (pdf) issued earlier this month found that the majority of state-level anti-abortion bills are, as the National Partnership on Women and Families put it, “based on common anti-choice lies.”

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