“We expect any Senator that truly cares about protecting our communities from the ravages of climate change to vote against the climate-denying Tillerson nomination when it comes to the Senate floor,” he added. “We need a separation of oil and state, not a marriage.”

Also in response, 350.org U.S. policy director Jason Kowalski pointed to the home states of Rubio, McCain, and Graham and the likely “ravages” they will experience as a consequence of Tillerson’s appointment.

“Senators Rubio, Graham and McCain are handing the keys of our international climate diplomacy over to a rogue oil mogul,” Kowalski said. “Even as Florida sinks, South Carolina is drenched by biblical-like floods, and Arizona hits record temperatures, these senators are caving under pressure from Trump.”

“Our elected officials should be alarmed that Tillerson, who helmed a company that lied to the public for decades about climate change, could be in charge of our country’s foreign policy,” he continued. “This is the time to act boldly against corruption, not welcome it into the most senior federal positions in our country.”

As Monday’s scheduled confirmation vote approached, many groups—including Friends of the Earth, Sierra Club, and many others—continued to urge their members and U.S. residents to call their senators to vote against Tillerson and were using the #RejectRex social media hashtag to voice their opposition:

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