The organizations have repeatedly condemned the Trump administration for propping up the coal industry, rolling back anti-pollution standards, and denying that the climate crisis is driven by human activity.

Even as Trump put pressure on EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to find evidence that he is working to stem the effects of the climate crisis, he furthered his attacks on the environment this week. The White House is currently considering a new advisory committee on the climate which would count climate deniers among its ranks.

Wheeler also testified before Congress this week in defense of his proposed budget, which would cut funding for the Atmospheric Protection Program—which tracks greenhouse gases in the atmosphere—by 90 percent.

“Trump and his fossil fuel industry lackies like Andrew Wheeler are recklessly driving this country off the climate cliff,” Scott Edwards, legal director for Food & Water Watch, told Common Dreams. “Our petition to the EPA is intended to force the agency to finally follow the law and transform the U.S. from the biggest climate polluter on the planet to the leader in the global race to achieve a livable clean energy future.”

So far, McClatchy reported, the president plans to brag during the 2020 campaign that greenhouse gas emissions have gone down since he took office. While technically true, emissions were reduced at a slower rate during his first year in office than during the Obama administration.

On his campaign website, Trump lists his planned expansion of oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico, his rollback of the Obama-era methane rule, and his call for an end to the Clean Power Plan among his “energy and environment” accomplishments. The rollback of the latter is expected to lead to 1,400 premature deaths per year, according to Trump’s own EPA.

“As for environmental ‘victories’ in this administration, there simply are none,” Edwards told Common Dreams. “This administration hates the environment. It cares only about corporate profit.”

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