Gun control expert Philip Alpers suggested that Ardern’s quick response to the attack may indicate that New Zealand will address the availability of military-style semi-automatic rifles as promptly as Australia did after a mass shooting in 1996.

“If Jacinda Ardern moves as quickly as [former Australian prime minister] John Howard did [when he banned guns following the 1996 Port Arthur massacre], and she does it in 12 days, the probability is that she will be able to do what she wants to do,” Alpers told the Guardian.

Ardern further differentiated herself from Trump’s conduct following attacks on minority communities when she was asked whether she agreed with the president’s assessment, shared on Friday, that white supremacy is not a growing global problem.

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“President Trump said in the Oval Office a few minutes ago that he did not think white supremacy worldwide was a problem that was rising in any way. Do you agree with him?” asked a reporter.

“No,” she replied simply.

Ardern called on the U.S. government to show “sympathy and love for all Muslim communities,” and told the press that “the person who has committed this violent act has no place here.”

“You may have chosen us,” Ardern said, addressing the suspect. “But we utterly condemn and reject you.”