In addition to Pillay’s report, the General Assembly voted unanimously December 18 to adopt a resolution affirming “that the same rights that people have offline must also be protected online, including the right to privacy.”

Pillay made the comments to internet pioneer Sir Tim Berners Lee, the show’s guest host, who also commented during the segment that Snowden had done the world a favor by revealing the widespread spying being undergone by certain governments, most notably the United States and U.K.

When asked if he thought Snowden had “done us all a favor,” Berners Lee responded: “In a word, yes.”

“Was there anything else he could have done? Was there any other channel he could have gone through? I think it has been established that there was not,” he said.

“Has he gone to the trouble of doing it as a journalist or with a journalist to make sure that the data he is putting out there in public is carefully selected so as not to harm individuals, so as not to do unnecessary harm to countries, so as to make the point that he needs to make without doing any more damage?” he asked, adding that he believed Snowden should be regarded as a “really important part of the system.”

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