Pérez Molina, for his part, told Congress in a letter that he is resigning to “face justice and resolve my personal situation.”

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Many from within Guatemala’s protest movement say that the push for Pérez Molina’s resignation is just the beginning. “It’s important that our citizens continue this movement with courage and with deep maturity,” Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Indigenous rights campaigner who was persecuted during the civil war, recently declared.

“They got him for corruption charges, but he is a war criminal,” said Rosal, who also turned her focus towards the United States.

“The United States has a historic and huge responsibility for human rights atrocities in Guatemala, not only because they trained and funded them, but there were people on the ground—CIA operatives in torture centers in Guatemala in the 1980s,” said Rosal. “We need to begin holding U.S. leaders accountable for overt and covert roles in human rights violations.”

The White House and U.S. embassy in Guatemala have so far remained silent on the former president’s resignation.

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