For many, the president’s visit to Flint came too late.

Rhea Suh, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, wrote online Wednesday: “President Obama’s trip to Flint will help keep the issue in the public eye. For that, we thank him. But the Flint Water Crisis has been allowed to fester for two years. Enough.”

In an op-ed, Suh and Pastor Allen Overton, a member of Concerned Pastors for Social Action, asked the president to “bring this ugly mess to an end” while “taking the fix out of the hands of the folks who made the mistake to begin with”—namely the state government.

Longtime Flint resident and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore also told CNN‘s Jake Tapper on Wednesday that the visit was “disappointing” and that the president was not going far enough to remedy the immediate dangers with the water and the greater economic problems in the city.

“He’s just trying to reassure people that everything is okay,” Moore said. “To drink a glass of water when a number of experts say this water is still not safe, it’s such a disappointing thing to see. He says he wants Flint to ‘Get back to where it was.’ When was that? Before the water crisis after we lost 75,000 General Motors jobs? Flint is a city that has really been destroyed.”

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who many blame for the water crisis, made an appearance with Obama ahead of the president’s address. Appearing before roughly 1,000 community members at Flint High School, Snyder was “loudly booed by the entire crowd,” according to reports.

Even as the governor attempted to apologize “he could hardly get the words out over the boos and jeers,” noted one White House reporter.

At one point, Snyder told the crowd, “You didn’t create this problem—government failed you,” to which students reportedly shouted back: “You did!”

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