According to the Houston Chronicle:

Activists and public officials alike have suggested that oil giant ExxonMobil could be in violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) for intentionally misleading the public for decades about the role fossil fuels play in climate change.

But as Smith demonstrated at the hearing, conservatives are attempting to distort the potential investigation into Exxon, Daniel Angster wrote Wednesday at Media Matters, “falsely alleging that the investigation could broadly apply to ‘those who question human-caused climate change science,’ when it would actually examine evidence that oil companies knew of reality of climate change but publicly sowed doubt about climate science in order to protect their profits.”

As Angster explained, “The case against Exxon would be based not on the company’s ‘skepticism,’ but on whether Exxon violated the law.”

Watch the exchange below:

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