She continued:

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s budget is expected to take a hatchet to other key EPA programs, as previewed in the “skinny budget” released in March.  If Trump gets his way, the agency could be cut by over 30 percent overall. InsideClimate News reported over the weekend that the budget would completely eliminate:

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“Trump’s first budget prioritizes polluters by robbing working Americans of vital protections for their health and environment,” said Friends of the Earth senior political strategist Ben Schreiber on Monday, ahead of the budget’s release. He said the document had been “designed by the corporate lobbyists Trump has brought into his administration to short circuit environmental protections to pad the profits of millionaires and billionaires.”

“Slashing the budgets of agencies designed to protect the environment and public health will consign millions of Americans to unbreathable air and contaminated drinking water,” Schreiber added. “Congress should ignore Trump’s proposed budget and dedicate resources to the institutions like EPA that safeguard people and the planet.”

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