The violence on Friday elicited a fresh wave of concerns from human rights advocates. The U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights reiterated calls for Americans to contact their representatives in Congress to demand action. 

In a series of tweets, Yousef Munayyer, the campaign’s executive director, pointed out that “multiple protesters killed today in Gaza were shot by snipers IN THE HEAD,” explaining that “in recent weeks we saw many victims from torso wounds and lower limb injuries.” He also noted Portman’s recent decision to cancel plans to travel to Israel for an award ceremony honoring her.

On Thursday, a representative for Portman had said in a statement: “Recent events in Israel have been extremely distressing to her and she does not feel comfortable participating in any public events in Israel,” and that “she cannot in good conscience move forward with the ceremony.”

The decision—which has compelled right-wing Israeli politicians to demand that her citizenship be revoked—was a notable departure for the actress, who, in a 2015 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, had criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but also emphasized that she didn’t want to use her platform to “shit on Israel.”

Considering her past positions, as FAIR media critic Ben Norton put it, “this is big.”

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